Getting in the Swing of Things

The first trial is over, I stayed awake all day after only 4(maybe less) hours of sleep. WOOOO!

On a different note I went to two, count em’ one and two, ed sessions today. In my first session there was some great discussion about programming for commuter students and how to engage them in your programs and how to make programs relevant to the wide variety of commuter students. In my second ed session we discussed how our failures are actually great learning experiences and can be turned into a success. I also got a great site to use so that everyone in my programming group can evaluate their events in a common folder and access the data to improve these “failed” events.

So my favorite showcase of the day was Spencer West. He was such an inspiration and the fact that he is working with such an amazing group as Me to We just makes him that much better. He was such a nice guy (yes I met him! Got a picture too! Eeeeek!) and I’d love to bring him to campus soon!

My favorite parts of the SECOND day of NACA were SCHOOL SWAAAAAAAP and CAMP.
School Swap was so amazing. I had been told that it was intense, energizing and so much fun but I still didn’t fully understand until I was there. It was great getting to see all the creative and alternative ways that other campuses market events through products. I thought it was cool that some schools even brought their flyers and posters! I particularly liked CAMP today because I think I was more confident in what I wanted to look at while I was there. While the lack of sleep did cause me to zone out a few times and bump into some people (sorry!) I got more out of the marketplace. I also got to touch an owl, which I was just in awe at. I’m obsessed. NBD.

This day has got me so pumped for tomorrow! Can’t wait for the big finale, I’m going to get as much as I can out of it! Go NACA!


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