My first ed-session, Exploring Color Narratives was teaching us ways to include everyone. We came up with ideas on how to get all cultures to go to events and went over representing different things to reach out to different groups.

My second ed-session was calls MOONPIES: Effective Hospitality Techniques from a Real Southern Girl. We went over how good it is to be nice and friendly to the acts that come to your school.

My favorite showcase was Svet because he was amazingly talented and he put on a great show. Another great showcase was the Improv Asylum from Boston. I had already gone to that show last year and they were just as funny.

My favorite parts about yesterday were Svet, the violinist because he was so talented and amazing. Another part was when I got to hold a lemur. I would love to get animals at Bridgewater. Also great speakers were Spencer West from “Me to We” and the “Give a Damn?” were both very inspirational. I would love to see any of these acts at Bridgewater!

Signing out Bears!


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