NACA Day One

There have been so many feet showcases so far, I can’t believe the talent coming to see us, but my absolute favorite has been the comedian, Drew Lynch. I believe he is a phenomenal speaker and someone who could really reach a lot of people on campus. He is extremely applicable to our campus as a diversity speaker and as a comedian!

My ED Session was really helpful for y current position on the Bridgwater Traditions Network. Being able to hear other schools’ struggle with inspiring school spirit has really inspired my own creativity to bring back to campus. I’ve learned a lot of strategies that could be useful for BSU and actually a lot of fun to explore.

My overall experiences thus far has been extremely positive. I was not entirely sure what I was going to get from NACA. But being ere has really inspired me. Particularly the CAMP sessions have shown me all of the possibilities for not only my organizations, but also for our campus in general. I’m really excited to see some new and interesting programming come Bridgewater, as before now I had no idea that there was so much out there, never mind that they cater to college students! I’m excited to learn even more on how to apply these opportunities to our campus!


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