First Day at NACA

Hey You Guys! Well the Ed Session that I went to was great. I learned some important things about including everyone is programs and tips for making sure you AREN’T excluding anyone!

I think my favorite showcase was Peter Boie. He did some amazing things; how did he know!? 0.0

One of my favorite parts of NACA was the educational session. Maybe I’m a nerd but I loved having that structured chance to discuss programming and events on my own campus and others’, especially the topic of mine which was inclusion. I also really loved the showcases. Next time I’ll be up in the front getting as close as I can. Finally the silent dance party was a great way to have fun at the end of the night. I also appreciated that it allowed me to find the rest of my group considering I kept getting lost throughout the day.

I hope today is even better. C’mon BEARS! Let’s get that Spirit Stick!


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