Day 1 of NACA

The first day of NACA did not disappoint any of my expectations. I went to an interesting Ed session and I got to watch some amazing performers!
I went to an Ed session called Tracking Event Sustainability. This Ed session provided a lot of useful information about how campus activities effect sustainability, and how universities can be more sustainable environmentally, socially, and economically. Doing things like encouraging the use of reusable water bottles and carpooling can make a university more sustainable. Other methods to make campuses more sustainable are purchasing items for events from local businesses rather than high corporate businesses, having recycling bind at events, and by providing transportation to off-campus events.
Although both showcases today were awesome, I really enjoyed the 1st showcase! My favorite act was the last comedian, Rob Little. I thought that he was absolutely hilarious and he was rocking a free hugs t-shirt.
However my favorite part of the day was meeting the artists and performers at CAMP. I frequently visited the both of XY Unlimited, a musical group who were the roving artists. They are really cool and just very interesting people who are excited to do what they love. I also had a funny encounter with a magician who practiced “fake magic.” I learned from him that the hand hug is real magic. He was hilarious and I really enjoyed his booth. I also got to meet Javier Colon, hold an alligator, and listen to some awesome music. And this is just the first day! I can only imagine what opportunities lie ahead of me for tomorrow!


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