NACA day 3 part two

The last ed session I went to at NACA was on Toy Box Leadership. This session listed out important lessons that children’s toys can tech us about leadership. Below is my annotated version of the presentor’s annotated version of a book on these concepts.
Legos: building begins with connections.
Slinky Dog: vision for an organization is a pull then waiting. You have to pull the organization and give it direction to move forward.
PlayDoh: Leaders resemble what makes an impression on them.
Yo-Yo: Creativity, it only happens when you let go.
Mr. Potato Head: Communication is key and having the “right face for the right place” is important for every leader. Some times even when everything is crumbling around them a leader needs to be strong and have an air of confidence, that’s part of being a leader; knowing when to put the serious face on, when to take it off and adapting to different situations
Rubix Cube: remember to be an ethical leader, making the right turn and decision at the right moment.
Rocking horse: Efficiency, all show no go. Make sure not to just rock in place.
Army Men: represent strategy. Success is in the set up but a leader who is not willing to revise his plan will rarely reach his destination.
Light Bright: make sure the message that you are trying to convey is clear, don’t leave room for ambiguity.

All of these lessons were really interesting and good reminders for all types of leaders. There is a lot more to it then we had time to cover so im hoping to one day get ahold of the book and check it out. Its sad that this is my last ed session, but I have learned so much at NACA now its time to put the learning to action!


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