Naca Day 3 part 1

The first ed session I attended today was Marketing your Experience to Employers. The presenter did a good job laying out how to actually take your campus experience and turn them into things that you can use for your resume and in interviews when you go to apply for a job. She explained that many people find themselves facing the “campus bubble” effect; which is students not being able to properly articulate what exactly they do in their organizations. For the first part of this presentation the presenter spent time drawing out examples of how to talk about student leaders experiences then showed us how to put them in a resume. The biggest advice she gave us was making sure that we used action words to describe what we did. Making sure to use words such as: collaborated with, organized, advised, etc. In focusing on resume writing she also taught us the rule of three. The rule of three is under each of your topics on your resume to have three or six bullets describing what you did in those positions. She said that each bullet should cover one of the following: what you did, how you did it, and why you did it. She also said that it was important to actually using numbers instead of spelling out the numbers because they stick out well on resumes because of all the text. The last thing we talked about was interviewing and to remember to always be a STAR when telling stories in an interview:
Remembering to hit these points and not rambling will help make sure you are actually answering the questions being asked of you during an interview but also making sure you give enough information to really grab the interviewers attention. Overall this was a really good session and I felt like I learned a lot of neat little tricks to help when I actually write my own resume.


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