NACA day 2

Day two of naca did not disappoint. The expectations from day one were high but I wasn’t let down. The day started with an ed session on your “profile”. We talked about the profile of individuals as well as organizational profiles. The presenters did a good job of presenting the important of reflecting your true values and beliefs with you social media profile as well as in face-to-face interactions. I particularly enjoyed the quotes the presenter gave, she said “Character is who we really are” and that “our profiles should be a representation and extension of that character. They ended the session by discussing some tips on how to create and identify your organizations profile. One of the easiest and simplest ways…one which I think students are usually hesitant to do and often overlook is to simply read the organizations bylaws, constitutions, and mission statement. If those documents are done well they should tell you everything you need to know about your organization and what you want to reflect to your audience. The Mission Statement in particular should really guide an organization to establishing its image.


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