Saturday Photo Blog! An Amazing Weekend, An Amazing Experience!

Saturday was my favorite day at NACA.  I liked the Ed Sessions the best, and the spotlights were my favorite!

For my 5 pictures I chose:

A picture of us with one of the comedians! She was by far the funniest, with her impression of Britney Spears spot on.  She could even sing like Britney!  This picture features Chris, Lisa, Megan, Brooke, Nicole, and myself!

The second picture was of us after the banquet.  We were looking good in our buisness casual garb! Up front is Brooke, with Nicole, Rob, Shannon, Katie, and Kendra in the Background!

The Third Picture is my personal favorite of our whole time at NACA!  We stopped to take a group photo before going to lunch and it was just such a beautiful day out!  Great group photo!

The fourth picture I chose is us actually at lunch at the firehouse! The food there was great, and we were all looking forward to the next showcase!

The final picture chosen was a picture of us dancing to “I’m Sexy and I Know It.” by LMFAO at the final showcase.  I was amazed that we found this kind of energy, but then again just being at NACA is enough to keep you awake and excited!

Well, that was Saturday afternoon in pictures! Later Ya’ll!


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