NACA through Kathryn’s eyes :)

Question 1. So what are two things that you learned that you didn’t know before?
1. I learned from another school that assessing programs through a review process needs to be more than just taking an estimate of how many people came to the event.  It needs to be about exact numbers, having people outside of the organization critique the events to learn from them, and to draw up a report of why certain things worked and keep a binder of those reports so future committee members know why certain events didn’t work well or what was improved upon based on there assessments.
2. I learned how the other organizations on campus work, and why at times it’s difficult to communicate our events and how they’re run to other organizations on campus.
Question 2: What are two things you learned after attending NACA?

1. After attending NACA I really want to bring back what I learned in my ed. sessions.  This includes branding PC and helping PC to assess and recognize certain things we may not do or not do enough to get our name and events out there.  An example of this is continual recruiting through information tables throughout each semester versus just at the beginning, and also having PC information tables as well as information tables for those who we’re co-sponsoring with at events.  I think another great way to do this would be to just hand out advertisements and flyers with PC’s name on it during High 5’s! or placing flyers up with all of our contact information up around campus with our logo.  We need people to recognize us from other clubs so that we can advertise our events to the best of our abilities.

2. NACA impacted me more than I expected. I thought that after going last year I wouldn’t be able to get as much out of it as I hoped, but going this year was such a different experience.  I was able to recognize certain things from the education sessions that made me want to really help PC change what we’re doing.  I also found that I was wanting to go and talk with agents and performers more to get to know more about their acts.  I was able to look at this as a way to help PC as well as myself because I realized I’m not as timid as I was last year to go up to people and speak with them.

Question 3: What would you recommend to the delegation next year?

I would recommend to anyone going to NACA to look up the performers online ahead of time to see who they may be interested in getting more information about.  This is a good thing because if you do then on Day 1 you can go to a booth before the performer performs at a showcase.  This allows you to have a better chance of getting to talk to them right away versus taking the chance of having to wait in line.  I would also say take time for yourself.  You get a lot of information thrown at you in a short period of time and it can be overwhelming.  It’s alright to take a step back for a few minutes and recollect.
Thanks again NACA for a great year!

For the last time, until next time,

Katie T.


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