NACA Interview with the wonderful Miss Katie Thompson!

So for the final interview I interviewed the President of PC herself Katie Thompson.  Below are her answers.

-So, What are two things you learned from NACA that you didn’t know before?


 1. I learned from another school that also struggles with co-sponsorship that having a meeting between the advisors of the major organizations can be very beneficial. This helps to keep all the organizations connected and in the loop on what is happening.

2. I learned a lot about different members int he BSU delegation and how other programs are put on at BSU besides PC. It is very interesting to discuss how other organizations work together to program.

-What will you be bringing back to Program Committee from NACA? What kind of impact did NACA have on you?


I am very excited to bring back so many great ideas to the e-board and membership of PC! One programming idea that I am excited about is a late night dinner and study session during finals. One university holds this every semester and the students volunteer as tutors as others make food and have midnight snacks. I will also bring back lots of ideas to help us as we move forward on collaborations with other organizations. I was very excited to return to NACA this year and experience the conference for another year. This experience was very different from last time. I found myself more invested in networking and finding more information to bring back to the delegation. I loved having the opportunity to present for Excellence in Programming and presenting an ed session and this helped to make NACA a whole new experience!

-What do you reccomend for next years delegation?


For next year, I will recommend that the delegation communicates a little more in the morning and throughout the day about the days activities. There seemed to be a bit of confusion of the day’s schedule with so many delegates. Also, I will be passing on the information for the Excellence presentation so that we can continue to improve!!

NACA this year was absolutely wonderful.  It helped with networking among different schools, and the performers were more then willing to give as much information as needed.  This year was a complete success!


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