While interviewing Mayor Mason about her experience at NACANE, we both shared many commonalities, however, these are a few things that we tried to make different:

The Mayor was taught by other schools how to bring extreme customer service to an event. She learned more about friendliness and accountability at events, which she believes BSU’s PC could bring back and implement on campus.  She also learned that a lot of schools dont do Off Campus Adventures/Trips like BSU does.  Mayor Mason presented an ed session with Loryn and after, had numerous people come up to her asking questions about the way BSU does OCA. It was awesome, and Mayor Mason felt great about BSU because so many other schools looked up to us.

Mayor Mason told me that she also learned a few tips and tricks about our BSU delegation. She realized the importance of the good relationship to have between PC, SGA, and RHA.  From bonding with all the organizations at NACA, it was clear that we all work well togehter and should bring this bond back to the campus. Another thing learned from our delegation was different ways to program together on campus. We discussed doing a week long event with each organization of musicians, and a lot of other events that the three organizations can do together this upcoming semester.

From attending the NACA Conference, Mayor Mason plans on bringing back the road show to BSU. She had so much fun doing the road show with Joanne, and wants EVERYONE in PC to see her talent as being a newscaster. She also thinks that the road show will show the complete NACA experience, and will allow future NACA-goers a little inside scoop of what NACA is and what to expect.

NACA, of course, has impacted the Mayor personally as well. NACA has allowed her to open her eyes more, and see that everyone can be a student leader of some sort and at some point in their college career. As long as they work hard, and dedicate their time, they will be successful in whatever they do.

To future NACA-goers, Mayor Mason would tell them to keep an open mind about the NACA experience and do NOT blow off the educational sessions. She believes these are very beneficial to both the delegates and the campus in general.

Well NACA lovers, thats all she wrote..  Mayor Mason and Lisa signing off for the final NACA blog. Good luck to all the future NACA-goers, have a blast, meet fabulous people, and network until you g nuts. Take this experience for all its worth.

Thats the way to cookie crumbles BSU. Stay classy.


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