Ed sessions 3 & 4

Hey guys! Sorry I forgot to post about my third and fourth educational sessions.

My third ed session was about staying positive. A positive attitude can help groups overcome negative attitudes. I did not find this ed session as helpful or interesting as I hoped it would be. This ed session talked about how attitudes are contagious and you need to make sure that the negative attitudes do not spread. Some ways to combat these negative attitudes is to be positive in response, give as much feedback and help as possible to the person who is being negative, or to ask the person being negative to offer suggestions or ideas towards what the group is doing.

My fourth ED session was about lessons that we learned from childhood toys. I found it interesting to see what lessons we learned through toys without even knowing it. • Legos teach us all about making connections and how you build connections to make a network • Play-Doh- teaches us flexibility and trying different things to find the right fit. • Slinky- teaches us follow through, when you make a change it is important to make sure that you check to see that it is working the way you wanted it to. • Rubiks Cube- teaches ethics. You know where all the sides go but sometimes matching thins up is not as easy as it appears. Teaches you to make sure you make the right choices and consider these choices before you move. • Mr. Potato Head- Non verbal cues are important for reading messages, changing your nonverbal cues can convey different messages. • Weebles- Teach you that when you fall, you have to get back up. If your organization makes a bad choice, its okay but you need to pick yourselves up and learn from your mistakes. • Army Men- Teach you strategy. Each army person has a different role and you have to use each of the accordingly. This is also true in organizations. Make sure you are using everyone’s abilities.


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