Day 2!

Hey Everyone,

I just realized I forgot to post about some of my ed sessions so here we go!  Day 2 at NACA was awesome.  I think it finally hit me that this was it, and we really were here at this amazing conference, but I digress.

My first Ed Session was called What’s your profile? Character and Image in Student Leadership.  It focused on building a strong first impression when building an organization, and also having a consistent image in one’s organization.  In other words, when people think of your organization, say Program Committee, they should know who we are, what we do, and how we do it.  It was very interesting and gave me many idea about how every organization at BSU could do more to improve thier brand.

The second Ed Session that I attended was called Expanding Your Community Impact:  Connecting Student Activities and Diversity Offices.  It’s focus was on co-sponsoring with other organizations on campus.  This one was important for me because the types of events that I program have potential to be very diverse.  For me, co-sponsoring with organizations like Seeds of the Poet-Tree and Afro-Am would be extremely beneficial, as it would not only draw a larger audience, but the events can be tailored to more people.

There were also showcases and Marketplace that day, and both presented new opportunities to make connections with artists.  For now, peace out!


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