Hi Everyone,

For our concluding blog, I decided to interview Alex Larose (also a member of SGA). This was Alex and I’s first trip to NACA and we had so much fun! Her responses follow:

Q1: What are two things you learned that you didn’t know before

A) From another School

-One thing I learned from another group is how they fund the lectures on a smaller budget than I have. I thought it was interesting to hear who other groups had brought in and what they do to run the event.

B) From someone in the BSU delegation

-Although we all come from organizations that do different things on campus. We all should have the students concerns at the top of our priorities and should work together more to put on events that the students would like.


Q2: From attending NACA

A) What will you be bringing back to your organization

-One thing that NACA taught me was that every member has a value (I knew this before) but I learned that E-board needs to do a better job of figuring out what everyone is good at and utilizing their talents. I learned different ways to motivate the group and how to help the group work together even when conflict occurs.

B) What impact did NACA have on you personally

-Personally, Naca had a different impact. It taught me that I have a different leadership style than other people. I want things to be done my way and I really do not like giving up control to others. I learned that it is important for everyone in the group for me to delegate.

Q3: What is one thing you would recommend to next year’s delegation to prepare for this experience?

– I would recommend looking up performers in the NACA conference book before they perform. I wish I had done this and had an idea of what everyone was going to be like so I could plan my time in the market places around people I would potentially want to bring back to campus.

Stay Classy BSU!

xoxo, Brooke


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