Showcase #4!

This showcase was probably my favorite one. There was so much talent! The showcase’s MC was Shihan the Poet, who had the ability be hilarious at times, but also serious, especially with his first poem about his son and daughter. He had personal connections with a few of the artist, and he was able to make us excited for upcoming performances.

Dominic Camany came up next. He is a singer/guitarist, and he played some of his new music, but he also did some covers from a mix of famous artists including NEO, Jason Derulo, and Bruno Mars. He showed his true talent when he played a song that he wrote the day before the performance! His soft voice and skill with a guitar made him very enjoyable to listen to.

Mal Blum was the next performer. She is a very real performer, meaning you can tell that she has fun with her songs, and you get a good sense of her personaility. She performed a song about an earthworm, and a song about alternative lifestyle haircuts. She also covered Ke$ha. Her songs are very goofy and catching. She’s definitely an artist that leaves you wondering what she’s going to do next!

The young and talented George Watsky was on next. As a slam poet, he is captivating, moving, and comical. His poem Letter to My 16-Year-Old Self left students laughing and awestruck, as he showed his ability to be a goofball and meaningful. He has been on The Ellen Degeneres Show, and he is the most viewed poet on the internet. He might be my favorite performer in the whole NACA conference.

Next up was Mieka Pauley. Her singing style rivals that of KT Tunstall, and performed without a guitar for her first song. She really amazed the audience with her beautiful voice, especially when she covered Leonard Cohen’s version of Hallelujah. She is such a soulful singer that it left the audience wanting more.

The last performer was Guy Branum. He is known as the “Staff Homosexual” on the Chelsea Lately show. He was absolutely hysterical. He had everyone laughing with his knowledge of the Kardashians’ and with his ability to laugh at himself. He was definitely a great note to end on!


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