Last Day at NACA!

So Saturday morning at NACA was crazy to say the least. I unfortunately was unable to attend my first ed session, but Jason and Alex were there so they can fill you in in their blogs. During Block 5, Kathryn and I were scheduled to present out session on ‘Building Connections.’ Due to the craziness in the morning, Kathryn could not join me (as I am sure she has blogged about) but I had a great time presenting. A few of my friends I had met were in the session and made me feel a lot less nervous. Once I got settled I began with an activity Kathryn and I had created to get everyone excited. There were close to 100 people in the room and they all seemed to enjoy and get a lot out of the session. Everyone really seemed to like our co-sponsorship form.

The rest of the day was filled with amazing showcases and the final marketplaces! I tried hard to talk to the last few vendors and agents I was really excited about. One of these groups was a motivational speaking group that I wanted to pass on to Christina for orientation training.

The banquet was a lot of fun and the whole delegation was filled with a lot of pride and spirit. And even though we were all so tired, we danced the night away at the silent disco and would all love to see this event come to campus!!

Thanks once again NACA for all the memories and great connections! Cannot believe it has already come and gone!

Until next time, Katie T.


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