Interview with the amazing Kendra Tully!

I was lucky enough to interview my NACA buddy Kendra! She is the Finance Director for Program Committee.

Q1: What are two things you learned that you didn’t know before?

A)     From another School

 I learned that many schools come to NACA with an open budget and participate in block booking

 I truly learned how similar we are to other schools. In group discussion, I learned that schools engaged in the same forms of marketing and even had the same type of events in the same spaces that we used (ex. novelties in their student campus center). I was really surprised to find how similar other organizations were to ours.

 B)      From someone in the BSU delegation

 Chris Gancalo is a senior!

 Never walk in front of Matt Miller when in a city and near a road.

Q2.       Q2: From attending NACA

A)     What will you be bringing back to your organization?

  Ideas about how to rethink our cultural events and an activity to help with inclusive leadership!

B)      What impact did NACA have on you personally?

  It was definitely a test of personal endurance, but I feel even more proud of PC now than I did before. Many of the sessions I went to were very rudimentary and I feel like we are steps ahead of organizations from other campuses.

Q3: What is one thing you would recommend to next year’s delegation to prepare for this experience? 
 To begin looking at the NACA website earlier, to get a better idea about what happens during the conference. That way, when they get there, they can focus more on networking and less on adjusting to the NACA schedule and events. I went into NACA with no expectations  and no idea what it was going to be like. I ended up having so much fun and absolutely loving it, but I wish I could have meet more people from other schools. Also, I would prepare better for meeting agents. I didn’t really know what to say or what to talk about. Most of them were really nice, but it also seemed like agents enjoyed it more when you had a normal conversation with them, rather than just saying how great the performer was, how much do they typically go for, i.e. typical questions


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