Interview with Chris Goncalo

Two things learned:
1. I learned that there is a lot of raw talent out there for very cheap and it would be easy to put on a concert of with people starting out their performing career.
2. From one of my ed sessions, I learned what to do when things go wrong and the best possible solution for many scenarios.

From attending NACA:
RHA has not really put on performers for two things: lack fo funding and lack of interest. Because of this, Megan and I decided we want to bring someone here for a change. We met a lot of people who had good talent and are just getting their feet on the ground. Since we want to bring someone of these people, NACA helped me see what the price is to do this, give me an introduction to blockbooking and see if we can really potentially bring someone new and fresh here to BSU.

Recommendation for next year’s delegation:
Be prepared to sleep very little, learn a lot, and be able to do things you previously thought were impossible on campus


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