Final Blog: Sam Kenyon, Director of Campus Pride

I had the privilege on interviewing our lovely and wonderful Director of Campus Pride, Sam Kenyon, all about her NACA experience :o)

Q1: What are two things you learned that you didn’t know before

A)     From Another School

– I learned a lot about the street team utilized at Eastern Connecticut State University. Although their street team differs a lot from the one used in PC, I learned some great tips about rewarding members and specific means of advertising within the team. One thing I definitely want to incorporate into our street team that they used was bright, neon colored shirts!

– I gained a lot of insight about sustainability from Stonehill College and ways in which we can improve our own campus to make it “greener”. They discussed ways in which programming boards can incorporate going green into their programs, which I thought would be really cool to bring back to Bridgewater and to some of PC’s programs.

B)      From someone in the BSU delegation

– How different people’s tastes are. Some delegates had similar tastes when it came to the showcases, but others’ went in a completely different direction.

– Even though we may have been from different organizations, I learned that it is very easy to come together in the goal of putting on great programs

2.       From attending NACA

A)     What will you be bringing back to your organization

– Creative marketing strategies for the street team and organization as a whole

– New means of recognizing our incredible members!

B)      What impact did NACA have on you personally

– NACA really made me appreciate all that PC does, and it also made me reflect on how well we program.

3.       What is one thing you would recommend to next year’s delegation to prepare for this experience.

– Make you sure you learn about what NACA really is beforehand so that the intensity of it does not scare you, but excites you! Although there is a lot to it, it’s a rewarding experience that every member should consider being a part of!


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