Exit Interview with Rob!!! :)

So Rob and I had a super awesome time at NACA together. We were CAMP buddies for pretty much every session. So I thought it was only fitting that I interview him for the final blog. His answers are below…get excited!!! 🙂

Q1: What are two things you learned that you didn’t know before?
A: From Another School
1: Other schools have RA’s go to their programming board for funding!!!
2: There are movies that are in the “public domain” that don’t have to be paid for in order to be shown
B: From someone in the BSU delegation
1: I definitely learned about how PC operates. It’s always been a sort of mystery to me with such a firm base in RHA. It’s nice to see a different way of doing programming and involvement. 2: I also learned that the coffee-house programs at BSU do really well. I always knew about these programs, but I didn’t realize they had such a loyal following. I will be paying more attention to these and the performs that are hired for them.
Q2: From attending NACA
A: What will you be bringing back to your organization?
A focus on new types of advertising and also to try to get more involvement through co-sponsoring with other organizations who want to do programming on the weekends. That’s what SWAT is all about, so in the future it will be much more effective to constantly work with other organizations. We want to support them and change campus culture.
B: What impact did NACA have on you personally?
NACA was a great experience for me because I love to have conversations with new people about things I’m passionate about. The best part is that I know they’re passionate about it as well. Also getting to know the BSU delegates that I had not known before was a really rewarding experience. There are so many leaders on this campus who are capable of so many great things.
Q3: What is one thing you would recommend to next year’s delegation to prepare for this experience?
Go into it with an open mind and a willingness to explore new ways to program. Get ready to be social and interact with a lot of people in a short period of time. And finally remember to have fun and bring your BSU spirit with you. Don’t let anyone draw paws on your face


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