Exit Interview with Loryn Moynihan :P

So, Loryn and I really bonded at NACA (aka played Super Trivia Challenge at CAMP nonstop).  We interviewed each other for our last post. So, here are Loryn’s answers! Hopefully you can learn a little bit more about her and what she got from NACA. 🙂

Q1: a. From another school, I learned about “mini-treats”. These are little sessions, 10 to 15 minutes, during member meetings where the group completes some sort of energizer or ice breaker. The VPM or the equivalent organizes them and has a specific goal or learning outcome in mind when they decide on the activity. After the activity is completed, the group debriefs the activity.

b. From the BSU delegation, I would say really learned a lot about what other organizations are planning for the Spring Semester. This gave me some really awesome ideas about co-sponsorship for events. Additionally, I really learned a lot about how other organizations function, such as SGA. Now when I work with them, I know how we can work together better to produce an even better product.

Q2: a. I will be bringing back the “mini-treats”. Additionally, from one of my ed sessions, I have a new perspective and approach to working with a team and holding each other accountable. This idea is essentially just to be direct with each other and improve the “buy-in” quality of the group, so then people will understand the consequences when they do not complete a task. However, it may be a little too blunt for some people and might need to be adapted for our group.

b. NACA had a tremendous impact on me personally. I feel as though I really was able to bond with both members of PC and other organizations. I think this really helped me to grow as a person because it helped me be more true to myself around these people. Also, as much as I don’t like to believe that I have a shell, this conference definitely helped me step out of my comfort zone in so many ways. For example, I have never felt comfortable talking to agents because I feel very pressured; so, last year, I mainly just focused on novelties. This year, however, I talked to at least one agent every CAMP session, so that I could better get to know the performers I liked during the Showcases. So I feel that I actually used the Showcases and CAMPs for their intended purposes.

Q3: To future delegations, I would say to definitely be more prepared for the school spirit aspect of the conference. I know the school spirit stick was not given out this year; but I hope it will be next year. While we were able to come up with a lot of cheers on the spot, I would say there is definitely room for improvement. I think that next year, the delegation should come up with three cheers that they can rotate throughout the conference and practice them, so that everyone feels comfortable doing them at the conference.

So yay for that. NACA was simply incredible! Signing off the blog,

Rob for Student Weekend Activities Team. 🙂


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