An interview with Jen Harvey!

Question 1: What are two things you learned that you didn’t know before…

A)     From another School

Definitely that some schools participate in block booking, I almost forgot that PC does things a lot earlier then other schools. It was also great to talk about event planning in general with other schools. It’s nice to know that other schools face the same problems we do, and enjoy event planning in the same ways that we do too. It’s great to have school spirit but it’s also great to recognize other schools as well. They were really fun to bond with!


 B)      From someone in the BSU delegation

The whole NACA Delegation has some boss dance moves; I learned this at the earphone dance party.


Question 2: What are some things you learned from attending NACA…


A)     What will you be bringing back to your organization

More ideas about how to utilize subcommittee members, that’s probably most important for me.


B)      What impact did NACA have on you personally?

It was much different than I expected, but I am so glad that I went! The lack of sleep was difficult, but meeting the performers and representatives of the agencies was a blast! There are also several performers that I hope we are able to bring to campus sometime soon!


Question 3: What is one thing you would recommend to next year’s delegation to prepare for this experience…

Don’t be intimidated by what you think it will be. I was a little scared because I didn’t really know what I was getting into, and it is hectic, but in a good way. I would even try to go on the NACA website and talk to people who have already gone to get more information. That way you might have a better sense of what will be happening and you won’t have to adjust as much. But I would also say to get pumped, because NACA is a blast!


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