Showcase #6

So the last showcase in my opinion was one of the best. The emcee Johnny Cardinale was super funny. I thought he did a great job transitioning with his music/comedy routine. Nick Pike, the juggler was both funny and entertaining although i spend most of the time during his set being more nervous for him than anything. Maya Solovey followed up with some songs. I found her to be good but very generic, you could find someone with her talents at any coffee shop performance. Ryan Cabrera obviously rocked it. His live performance fell a bit short of expectations but his hair was magical. Blessid Union of Souls killed it in my opinion. I truly enjoyed their performance and i think BSU would love to see them perform, although they are quite pricey (rightfully so). They certainly saved the best for last with Melissa Villasenor. She was honestly one of my favorite performers during the entire conference. Her impressions were spot on and HILARIOUS! I definitely think we should try to bring her to Bridgewater, plus her price is very inexpensive for her talent!!! Over all the showcase was brilliant and possessed a lot of talent. I thought it was a spectacular way to end the conference!


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