Ed Sessions 4 + 5

Hello again!

SWAT member Roberto here!

So, Saturday…

The last day of NACA 2011 😦

Let’s talk about the morning!

My first Ed Session was about Creative Film Programming and Publicity.  I attended this specifically because SWAT is ushering in a film series next semester for other clubs and organizations on campus.  What we got was not a lot of new information, but some good suggestions nonetheless.  The presenter talked about themed movie weeks/months to create more consistency in programming.  This, however, may not apply to SWAT as we are only doing monthly movie programming and letting other organizations choose.

She went on to talk about films that most people wouldn’t know about (independent, classic, foreign, etc.)  And although these may be something out of the ordinary, would they attract a sufficient amount of people?

One interesting idea she brought up was tying in a lecturer right before showing a movie (related subjects obviously).  I think this would be really cool if we could find a good subject to focus on.  She also talked about charging for admission to movie nights and having the proceeds go to the organization.  She said it would make it more of a desirable event to go to if it had to be paid for.  I don’t know if we can do this, but I personally would not want to charge students to see a movie on campus.

As far as advertising is concerned, she said that a last minute push is the best way to advertise for a movie and to always have free stuff and food to give away.  Movie posters also work well.  She mentioned a few websites to check out for movies (openflixcom, archive.org/details/movies, bestfilms.com)  I will keep an eye out.

The final Ed. Session was next and this one was my favorite.  It was designed specially for Weekend Programming, which is what I do.  The two presenters gave a brief background of the weekend programming their program committee does.  They spoke about “Special Weekends” they have twice a semester where there is a program every day from Thursday to Sunday.  And they would have themes that tie the weekends together.  I really like that idea, but I’m not sure if SWAT has the manpower to do such a task.  With cosponsorship and volunteers, it could totally happen, however.

They mentioned the importance of consistent events like: Dances, Bingo, Trivia and Diverse programs like: Slam poets, Karaoke, Spelling Bees

I reaaaally like the idea of a Spelling Bee, but it might just be because of my childhood obsession with them. Anywho, the best part of the program was the interaction with other weekend programmers from other schools.  I went to the grouping of “Big schools with small budgets” and after explaining what SWAT was, I was able to have a really awesome conversation with a few other people.  We talked about our problems (long weekends, other programs, etc.) and our biggest successes.  Many of them were surprised to hear about the things that we do  (Midnight Breakfast, Nickelodeon Night, 11.11.11 event, etc.).

So with the final ed session over, it was time to move on with the final day of the conference.  It was strange thinking that a year ago I had been at the same conference with many of the same people.  I feel really lucky I could go again.


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