Ed Sessions 2 + 3!

Hello again everyone! I hope you enjoyed my photoblog for Friday!

Anyway, I’m here to talk about Friday’s Ed Sessions.  We got up early for these ones.

At the very top of the convention center, I entered into the session I was looking forward to the most.  It was about bridging the gap between Student Involvement and Residence Life.  This intrigued me since I work for both (Residence Hall Association and S.W.A.T.).  The session, called “We Are All in the Same Boat”, was presented by an Area Coordinator from the University of New England.  Overall, it was not what I expected.  He talked very specifically about what his institution was doing, which provided great examples, but would not apply to BSU.  For example, my first note is that Resident Assistants went to their Program Committee for funding. I was taken aback by that revelation.  At BSU, RA’s go to RHA to get funding for their programs.  RHA is the one that would go to PC to ask for a collaboration.  RHA was not mentioned once during the ed session, however.

This session also focused on finding similarities between the two (OSIL and ResLife).  He asked us to look at the mission statements of each and see how truly similar they are.  One idea that I really hope can be implemented is what he called the “Campus Life Team”.  Reps from every major organization on campus come together to discuss their programming agendas in order to make sure they aren’t programming against each other and to try to collaborate whenever possible.  He also mentioned that RA’s at UNE are required to take their residents to one campus event per month (such as a Program Committee event).

While I’m not sure that most of these ideas may work or be the best for BSU, they are definitely good things to keep in mind when looking into collaborative efforts between these two departments.  I hope to see an increase in the communication between RHA and PC.

The second Ed Session I went to was called “When Good Events Go Bad”.  There were a few of us from BSU in the room, so I’m sure we will have different opinions, but for me it wasn’t very insightful.  The room itself was p.a.c.k.e.d.  Many people were standing or sitting on the floor.  It looks like a lot of people are having good programs go bad.

The session was interesting because they gave us little clickers to answer questions with and we could instantly see the results on the powerpoint.  Basically after determining the statistics of their audience, the presenters gave tips on preparing for a program and dealing with surprises.  I would say that in the role of SWAT programmer, most of these things are covered. We have checklists to prepare for program and usually have a backup method to follow if something unexpected were to happen.  Most of the info they shared was geared towards Programming Boards, so some of it didn’t apply.  It was a nice idea, but it could have been organized in a much better way.

Overall, it was a good day!  School Swap was even more fun than last year and I’m so proud that we won Best Use of Theme for our table! 😀


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