Saturday at NACA….the last day already?!

So its Saturday and our last day in Hartford for NACA 2011 😦  Sad sad day everyone.  HOWEVER there are plenty of things going on today including the 2 ed session in the morning.  My first ed session was called Creative film programming and publicity.  The session was great, and the presenter gave some great tips on how to make showing a movie on campus more of an all around event.  One cool idea she had was to show an older movie with an actor/actress who is currently coming out with a new movie that people are excited about.

My next session was our last block of ed sessions, and I was presenting with Loryn!  The session was called Adventures in Off Campus Adventures.  We went over the basics of programming off campus trips which seemed to go over really well.  We also went through the crowd to see which school everyone was from and what the best trip their school had ever programmed.  We actually got some great tips for future trips which was great including a circue de solei trip, snow tubing/ice skating,  and even a trip to Niagara Falls!! (I WISH!!) I think overall the session went great, most people on the way out stopped to say good job and that they enjoyed the session which was really nice to hear.  Hopefully we inspired students to plan some great new trips for their schools!

Later in the day we had a couple more showcases, with some great performers, and of course the NACA Roadshow continued its great run from yesterday…couple highlights, I went into a cashbox!  LOL I wasn’t really in it for the money, I actually ended up dancing, but it was still something to check off my bucket list! At the end of the night we had an improve show which was awesome with lots of audience participation, and then there was the SILENT DANCE PARTYYYY!!!! SO FUN! Everyone gets a pair of wireless headphones, and you basically just dance the night away.  The fun part is that there are 2 different channels of music to listen to, so while half the room is rocking out to say Rihanna, the other half is doing the Macarana!! LOLZZZ It was pretty funny to say the least, and definitely something I think we should bring to the BSU campus!

Thats all I got for now guys I will writing my final post soon!


thats the way the cookie crumbles

-Mayor Mason


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