Well, here it is… Monday evening. My leftover (or lack thereof) of money is turned in, my CD’s are almost all uploaded, and I’m putting all my stickers on my laptop! Saturday was a pretty incredible day at NACA. We woke up to start the day with Starbuck’s (of course) and two ED sessions.

The first session I attended was “How to Harvest Your G.R.A.P.E’s!!” I attended this session with our lovely Loryn and I think we learned a lot. GRAPE’s is an acronym that stands for: Growth.Recognition.Achievement.Participation.Enjoyment.  What we focused on during these topics follows. Growth can be defined as being able to increase skills, performing new and more complex tasks, and also bettering training programs. While discussing recognition we talked about promotion, praise, feedback, and also how to listen to others and the effects of being listened to. Achievement: the opportunity to solve a problem, see the results of ones efforts, and setting goals to reach a new and tangible product. Participation: involvement in decision making, planning and scheduling one’s own work, and controlling your own work activites and environment. Enjoyment tends to speak for itself. Its the ability to have fun in a warm, friendly, and welcoming environment. There was also a wonderful idea suggesting holding “mini-treats” for your organization. They are bi-weekly mini retreats!

My second ED session was “More Than a Feeling: Pride of Your Organization.” What this ED session discussed was exactly what the title indicates. During the session we talked about 3 things we have pride for in our lives and how we show our pride. We also discussed that the most major way to influence the members in your organization to show pride, is to show it yourself. To set by example is to lead the way for others! Since we all belong to a group, we all have feelings for the group. We should all be extremely proud of our organization!

After our ED sessions, we continued with the usual. Best showcases EVER, CAMPS (the greatest), and then we had our banquet. Congrats to Lisa for winning 1 of 5 Excellence in Student Leadership awards in the region!!! We’re so proud of you 🙂 After the banquet and last CAMP (saddies), we attended an improv show by Mission IMPROVible. This was absolutely HILARIOUS! I hope we can bring them to BSU someday 🙂 We finished our 2011 NACA experience with a silent headphone dance party. This was something I never thought existed. But it was so much fun!

Unfortunately, NACA did have to end 😦 But today, I am definitely feeling like I was #hitbytheNACAbus!! To all who came, thank you; I had a blast! Who knows, maybe I’ll even volunteer next year! Until then,

That’s the way the cookie crumbles 🙂

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