Hey everyone,

So I’m a little late with this post, it was supposed to go up Friday night buttttt its no Saturday (technically Sunday, shh don’t tell) so just imagine you are reading this as if it happened Friday night!  I’m not going to write too much because today is my day to upload some photos of our day but I will give a quick overview of the ed sessions I attended.

We had two ed sessions today, my first one was about creating a successful street team on  your campus.  Although very informing and entertaining, what the school presenting was doing  was totally on the opposite end of the spectrum of what we are trying to do with our street/hype team.  There were definitely some interesting tips to take away from the session, so hopefully I can bring some of those ideas back to BSU!

My second session was about using a status update to create interest in an event, but making better food options available at the event.  One other programming tip that was given was to host wellness events such as hiking trips, zumba or yoga classes, and weekly running/walking events.  This session also had some demos where the presenters, (from the American Culinary Institute of America) made guacamole and smoothies!

OK! Time for the photos…I tried to take a photo from every part of our day so hopefully I got a little bit of everything! Enjoyyy!

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Enjoy the photos, this NACA roadshow is now on the road!!

Stay Classy NACA!!!!!


Mayor Mason


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