Sustainability and Leadership

This morning’s Ed Session was not what I expected. In all honesty, I’m really not sure what I was expecting but I learned a lot and look forward to sharing ideas with all clubs on campus, not just PC. The presentation was put on by Stonehill College. They were really informed about what they were talking about and seemed to have a lot of experience.

Sustainability basically means meeting the needs of the current generation without forgetting the needs of future generations. One common example is Recycling. However, Stonehill opened my eyes to a bunch of other new ideas such as a Waterfest (students were given a reusable water bottle which they could decorate and they save .10 every time it is used at the dining hall), Bike Share Program (students may use a bike to get wherever they need to go but they do not own it so there is no guarantee that it will be there when they get back), Mindful Living Community (all vegetarian meals, compost pile and 15 hours of community service) and finally an Eco Rep (member of their organization in charge of sustainability).

Leadership was incorporated because it can’t be something that happens at your own school without a leader. You need someone who will be willing to fight for the cause and give people a direction to go in. It was a very interesting session.


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