Spotlight Showcase 5

Hola amigos! So we got a little late to showcase 5 because we were finishing up lunch when it was starting, but it was well worth it. The food was good, Joanne enlightened us all with fried pickles and Katie entertained us with a great Matt Miller NACA story. It was good times all around. So although we got there kind of late we did see a few performers. The first was Anton Shuford, a comedian. I really enjoyed him. He had lots of energy, was really engaging, had many jokes about college, and the whole room was in tears at some of his stories. I think he would be a great performer at BSU with the right amount of publicity. The next performer was Kyshona Armstrong, a singer/songwriter. She was amazing. She had TONS of variety in her styles of music, she did a few cover songs (an acoustic version of “Toxic” sticks in my mind the most), but also some originals as well. She had a very down to earth personality and her voice was beautiful, soulful, and powerful. Next up was Carlos Andres Gomez, a slam poet. His poetry was focused mainly in themes of diversity, opening up our minds and freeing them from limitations and stereotypes. He is extremely passionate in his performance and beliefs. He speaks from true experiences and was a teacher/ social worker for much of his life (which might be a good mix for BSU). The last performer was Flight Case for Sushi, a four person alternative rock band. They had a lot of energy, but the set-up is probably out of reach for Bridgewater. The in-between artist for this showcase was ventriloquist Lynn Trefzger. She involved audience members and had tonsss of jokes. Each of her characters was lovable and believable. She could definitely be very popular at BSU with the right publicity.

Well this concludes my last blog at NACA NE! This has been such an amazing experience and I can’t wait to continue it back at BSU with you guys! See ya back on campus!


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