Loryn and Nicole giving their presentation "Adventures in Off Campus Programming"
Group Photo in Front of the Hotel/Convention Center
Group Lunch at Hooks and Ladders
Lisa After Winning an Undergraduate Leader Award
Banquet Picture with our Adopted Associates

Hello NACA, Chris here from RHA. This has been just an amazing conference and I learned a plethora of information here in Connecticut. I had the pleasure of doing photo blogging for today and had to pick 5 pictures that described what today entailed. Today has been different from other days here. For the most part, other days consisted of shows and education sessions. Today, we not only did that, but bonded all together for the first time without worry. I believe in two things: giving back to the community and communal bonding. Today, we were able to do both with some picture evidence. Here are some descriptions of the pictures above:

  • Loryn and Nicole gave a great presentation on “Adventures of Off Campus Programming” and I learned a lot from it. I decided to choose this picture because it shows a central dogma of NACA: People teaching people. They taught a room full of people about off campus programming. Maybe some people already understood the information they presented, maybe they didn’t. However, they gave back to the community and showed them what their knowledge and wisdom was in their positions and hopefully help others in successfully doing what they were able to do.
  • I am a firm believer that, although we did come here to learn from others, we learn from each other. What better way to learn from each other than spending carefree time together. Pictures 2 and 3 show just that. The second picture showed us outside of the Marriott/Convention Center and the third picture showed us having a delegation Lunch at Hooks and Ladders, a good burger place. It was in that time that I learned a lot about the other people in the delegation and was able to reflect on the time spent with each person.
  • Picture 4, even though isn’t one of bonding or giving back to the community, it’s just as important. During the banquet, 5 students received a placard for being a top Undergraduate Leader Award. Lisa Goodspeed from our delegation had won one of the awards. Although there were many photos taken of her with her placard in posed ways, this picture was taken on accident. This accident, though, happened to be the best thing! In this picture, you can clearly see the appreciation and amazement in her expression. This is not something that can be posed, but caught candidly. Lisa Goodspeed has done many things for BSU community and she deserves this award without question. I am not only glad she is on the delegation, but also a good friend of mine.
  • The last photo is one of all of us after the banquet. During the NACA conference, we were able to “Adopt an Associate”. We had adopted two of them and they wanted to take pictures with us. It was a great opportunity to work with others that came here for our benefit.

Coming to NACA, I knew no one on a real personal level. If given the chance at first, I would have liked to bring someone I had known. However, getting to know everyone on a better level, and seeing what strengths everyone brought to the table, I would not change anyone on our delegation for the world. Anyone’s weakness was easily replaced with someone’s strengths this weekend that everything seemed flawless. I would just like to say congrats again, not only to Lisa Goodspeed, but also to the whole delegation for their hard work, dedication and flawless victory in receiving the award for best use of theme. Again, CONGRATS EVERYONE!!!


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