NACA: Take Two

Hello everyone, it’s Chris again from RHA. Today had some interesting ed sessions and was a crazy day. The first Ed session I went to was:

Events 101: The Roots and Wings of Successful Events

In this event, the presenter, Elizabeth Covino, talked about her experiences putting on programs and what is the best along with alternatives to everything she talked about. Several things I learned from this presentation is:

  • There is a Model of Global Event Management that includes Research, Design, Planning, Coordination and Evaluation
  • There are 4 purposes of events: Celebration, Reunion, Marketing and Educational
  • The SWOT analysis. The SWOT analysis allows you to see what programs are feasible and what could go wrong with a program. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat.

Overall this program was executed excellently and taught me a different way to look at programming within RHA. This will be beneficial for all programs that I plan to do, not only by myself, but with co-sponsorship. My second program that I attended today was:

When Good Events Go Bad: Managing Crises with Poise and Positive Results

In this event, the presenters Scott McEver and Jeannette Williams talked about their experiences with programming gone bad and how to rectify situations that were horrible at best. Several things I learned from this program was:

  • Plan early on ahead and make check lists for not only if the program goes right but if a program can go wrong and how you would fix it
  • Expect the unexpected (but you already expected that, right?)
  • Prepare everyone involved
  • Share information
  • If a crisis arises as the program is happening, DON’T PANIC!
  • Divide and conquer, delegate tasks
  • Know when to move on

The presenters also led a group discussion regard any programs students had gone wrong and how they fixed it or gave advice on what to do. This would be beneficial for me if a problem ever arises (even though luckily nothing has happened yet knock on wood!).

Megan and I decided we wanted to try and bring a performer to RHA this year from what we see. There are a lot of good performers that are so cheap. We hope that we can bring some people down the BSU and do a co-sponsorship with other clubs. Well, that is it for today. Get ready for some pictures tomorrow.


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