NACA: Final Day

Today was the last day of NACA….crazy! I can’t believe that the conference is already over!  I have had so much fun, but this year definitely went by faster then last year.

We started the day at Block Booking, (Joanne and I) and did a bunch of SI (strong interest) forms for a lot of different artists. It was fun to see the ins and outs of block booking and to see what other schools were interested in.

The next session, Joanne and I headed to the Off Campus Adventures Programming Session put on by BSU’s Nicole Mason and Loryn Moynihan themselves. The audience really seemed to enjoy it and had fun learning the tips of off campus programming. A lot of students stayed after the session to ask them questions or just tell them how they appreciated the session. AWESOME.

The showcases today were really fun. A few members of the delegation really seemed to like some associates, so SIs were put in, but I personally enjoyed Ryan Cabrera, Melissa Villasenor and Belid Union of Souls. They were so fun to listen to, and we put an SI in for Melissa….she was on America’s Got Talent! 🙂

The banquet was for dinner and was a closing ceremony of the conference. Unfortunately, BSU didnt win Excellence In Programming, but I personally won the Kevin M Bedini student leader award.  I was so shocked, and am so honored to have received this award. I was one of 5 throughout the NACANE conference to get this award, and am so thankful for Matt/Cindy/any members who had submitted this for me.  Love you all. 🙂

CAMP was a lot of fun again today. The last CAMP of the day was pretty crazy, because I went around doing SI forms for a lot of the associates that the delegation enjoyed and wanted to bring to BSU for Spring. After running around, we went to an Improv show and then a head-phone silent dance party.  This was SO COOL. I loved it.  If you took your head phones off, you could hear people sing one of two songs, but no music to go along with it. It was a tad awkward, but was really fun.

Can’t believe that NACANE 2011 is over… its my last NACA and final year at BSU. Crazy how Im growing up.  But thanks NACA, I won an award, had a blast with my delegation, and started BSU on block booking…..went out with a bang I guess, right?

Thanks so much to PC, Matt Miller, and Joanne for taking us to NACA! And Kudos to Cindy Kane for bringing us as well, and for being a good team player when we cheered her name during the banquet. 🙂

Who knows, maybe I’ll volunteer next year for NACANE and come reunite with everyone! Until next time….

Thats just the way the cookie crumbles.



2 thoughts on “NACA: Final Day

  1. Lisa congratulations on your award! you deserve it!! Thank you for doing BSU’s blockbooking at NACA you did a great job keeping us organized!

    also cannot wait to watch the roadshow! haha

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