Last Day of NACA… :(

Today was another wonderful day of NACA!
The first Ed Session I attended was called “Harvesting Your Grapes”. Grapes Stands for : Growth, Recognition, Achievement, Participation, and Enjoyment. This acronym really helped me have a better understanding of how and what recruitment and retention is and works. I think this GRAPE theory is something we’re sort of already doing; but can definitely be done in a more consistent and frequent way. I think we can definitely work on is growth and participation. More specifically, I think our member development is lacking. I’ve been struggling to find a balance between lectures and team builders, so I asked the presenter about it. One school does “mini-treats” every couple of meetings. They do a team builder that relates to a specific topic and debrief afterwards. I think that might be it problem…the team builders we pick are not purposeful enough, and we don’t debrief. Also, we don’t delegate enough to our members. Finally, the whole foam finger / rock recognition thing came up again. I definitely want try this idea in some capacity.
The next Ed Session I presented with Nicole. We presented on “Adventures in Off-Campus Programming. It was a big success. We had way more people attend than we thought would, about 50. There were definitely some people in the session who were probably above our level. For example, one group already does a trip to Niagara Falls. But I think a lot of people gained some valuable tid bits, like the Google Number. Also, we ended about fifteen minutes early; but, we had about five people stay after to ask questions, and the feedback leaving the room was fairly positive.
I loved the Mission IMPROVable group. It was hilariously funny and very entertaining. Also, I had a fantastic time at the Headphone Disco. It was one of the first dances I’ve ever really enjoyed and danced the whole time. It was great to be able to choose what music I wanted to dance to, and it was really funny to see some people dancing or singing to the other song.
I’m so sad that NACA is over; but it was an amazing experience, and I am so happy I was able to attend.


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