last day at naca :(!

Today was totally rad. I can’t believe the weekend is over! My ed sessions were fun. the first of the two was called: “Attention Programmers: Get a Bigger Bang for Your Buck!”. The session basically went over suggestions for budgeting programs. All those in attendance were given a handout that contained a list of cheap possible events. Low cost programming is essential to programmers. sometimes you just don’t have a big budget but as we learned there are ways to put on an awesome event on a cheap budget. three ideas i really liked for low cost programming were: campus clean ups, game show programs, and “dirts spelling bees” (you get professors to read off dirty words and use them in a sentence and have participating students try to spell them, kind of gross but potentially funny). Unfortunately 90% of the class was spent brainstorming in small groups for ways to make small budgets work (recycle materials, get volunteers, etc.) and hypothetical situations and that was about it.

the latter of the two ed sessions i attended was called: “More Than a Feeling: Ownership and Pride in the Organization”. This event was very interesting and i thought the woman delivering it was very impressive. The session was about how to deal with people in your organization who are less than passionate about the group. The presenters brought up some very interesting concepts. For example the attraction members have to an organization: what are their reasons for jointing the group, do they want to be there or do they need to be there? as a leader in the organization you should be able to pick this out. also, how much you as a leader put out matters immensely. if you seem attracted to the organization and are positive you will receive more positivity from your members. this leads directly into another point made. this is positive reinforcement. the presenters encouraged us to remind other members why you are a part of this organization you are in. while you are in the organization you are going to get out of it what you put in, so approach it with positivity and make memories rather than dreading the responsibility. Sometimes, they pointed out, it can become overwhelming being a part of an organization and for this they offered the suggestion of celebrating the steps. if there is a large scale event or goal that needs to be taken care of, celebrate the steps along the way toward accomplishment. this will remind all those involved why they are working so hard to get where they want to be. finally the biggest piece covered was having pride in your organization. when you work hard for something and dedicate your time to it, show it off. make it yours. let others in on the excitement you feel for your organization. the feeling you have for your organization drives thinking, so stay positive.

these were some of the suggestions that i took away from the session, very cool!


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