How Do I Get More People To My Events?

This Ed Session was all about how to get a higher attendance at events. The two schools each track who attends the events and then offer an incentive to people who are there. They track the students because that way they can see who’s coming: certain resident halls, certain ages, commuters, residents and then they try to figure out how to persuade those that are not in attendance to come to their events. They also stress the use of branding.

The first incentive that was offered was a “swipe to win” contest. They swiped the students card and they were entered in to win a grand prize for the week, and they were entered an additional time for each event that they attended. For example, if you attended 3 events one week, you would be entered 3 times.

The second incentive that was offered is Everett Bucks. For each event you attend, you get a certain amount of dollars. You can save them for one entire year but they expire after that. They are used to big on prizes such as TV’s, iPads etc in the silent auction that the school offers in the winter.

Branding is important because you want to be able to have your events be identifiable just by your name. You want students to show up just because it’s YOUR event. Overall, I think this was an informative session and had some helpful ideas that we can bring back to campus.


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