Friday Ed. sessions and Lecture Showcase!!!

Day 2 and the living is easy…well more like its long, but so much fun!  Today began with my ed. Sessions.  The first was “More than Quiet and Loud: Defining, Working with, and Programming for Introverts and Extroverts”  which was great as it helped to define whether you’re an introvert and extrovert and gave you tips for working with both.  I really liked that they split us into groups of either introvert or extrovert then had us each plan an event for the other.  This was great because it made you realize what events work for different types of people.  For introverts we thought guest lecturers, craft type events, team trivia games, and anything in which they didn’t feel as though they were the center of attention or put on the spot was best while extroverts wanted karaoke, hypnotist, or anything in which they could participate and be put on the spot.  The one idea I would really like to see implemented into PC was the idea that introverts need time to think ideas over.  With this being said I think it would be great to have sub-committee chairs create an agenda before the meeting and send it out at the least a day in advance so that their committee members can come prepared for the meeting with questions, concerns, and new ideas.

The second ed. session I went to was “Assessing Your Late Night Program”.  The greatest idea that came from this is the model that the presenters handed out to us.  It is a full circle to tell you how you can assess your program through a certain period of time, make changes, and then assess again.  This is one of the most helpful ed. sessions I think I can take back to PC because I think it’s crucial to continually assess what students think about our events so we can plan the best events possible, and also we want to make sure we are putting our money where it is most needed and best used.  This assessment can do all of this for us.  This can also help to show why a committee/sub-committee is asking for more money in a certain area if it is working best for them, or why they’re asking for less.  Chris E. went to this ed. session as well and was super excited about working with this model!


The Lecture Showcase was amazing!  I was truly impressed by all five performers.

Have you ever seen the movie “Hitch”? Well if you have and loved that movie then I’d like to introduce you to the real “Hitch”. David Coleman “The Dating Doctor” was first up to speak during this lecture showcase.  He began to talk about the research that has gone into his show along with interviewing over 5,000 college age women.  Right away when watching him you can understand the fact that while he’s trying to tell you the in’s and out’s of dating he’s also trying to get you to recognize that you “You don’t need someone who completes you, you need to complete yourself”.  He uses great humor through the truthfulness of dating in college, and the sometimes awkward encounters with the opposite.  He talks about how to approach someone of interest to you, and tells of appropriate ways to do this while showing them what it is you’re interested in.  After the show I was able to speak with him and he is someone who I would love to bring to BSU.  I believe a co-sponsorship with others clubs to get him here on campus would be well worth the amount of people that I could foresee coming to this show.

“Zach Wahl’s the son of two lesbian mothers…had no idea that his heartfelt testimony that day would spread like viral wildfire, and even land him on Ellen DeGeneres.”  This testimony that is mentioned is the testimony he gave to the Iowa House of representatives.  He gives us a sense of how it was growing up with lesbian mothers in which he describes as not being much different from other families except he knows “how to put the seat down”.  He leaves you with a feeling of inspiration as you feel the passion in his voice about this topic.  It makes you recognize that others really aren’t much different then you.  My favorite quote from his performance was “Love is not limited”.  Check out his testimony here:

Rob Smith is a veteran of the United States Army.  His speech was about the known policy of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  During his time in the army he came out to his mother who rejected him.  This pushed him to the point in which he wanted to commit suicide, but luckily that night when he was going to he called his sister and told her he was gay and her response saved his life.  She told him no matter what she loved him and was there for him.  His lecture is a journey through his coming out and his fight for GLBT youths and teens due to the recent increase in suicides due to the harassment of gay men and women.  He talks about how even though the “It Gets Better” campaign is helpful for some he believes in “Make it Better”.  He was very inspirational and a definite win as a lecturer.

Shot of Reality was a duo of men who talk about the experience of drinking alcohol in college.  They mix reality, truths, and humor to get across a simple point about drinking, don’t be dumb.  They know that in reality college students may drink, but no one is making them drink it has to be their decision not someone else’s.  On top of this they give tips if you are going to drink so you don’t get drunk and can handle a situation if someone around you is drunk.  I love this because they show you how to handle someone who is trying to drive drunk and they ask for audience participation throughout their show.  This makes the show more personal and it doesn’t feel like someone is saying, don’t drink but rather if you’re going to drink here’s how to handle it and here’s what you need to know.  With the humor they put into this serious topic it makes you remember what was said in case you are ever put into a situation where alcohol is involved.

Read this riddle and figure out an answer, to find out the real answer keep reading!  A father and his son are in an automobile. They have an accident. The father is killed, and the son is rushed to the hospital. A surgeon is called in to perform an intricate operation. When the operation is successfully completed, the surgeon looks at the boy’s face for the first time and says, “Why that’s my son!” How could that be?

Matt Glowski speaks about his disability in which he was born without any legs, along with diversity, and the societal issues of body image.  He spoke about different topics but was able to tie them all together very creatively for college age students; he did this by playing a clip from the well known show “Family Guy” about how Louise is telling her husband Peter that she loves him no matter what he looks like.  One of the most interesting ideas he gave was the idea of his definition of diversity which in short was the learning process done when surprised by a new or unknown situation.  He described this through the riddle mentioned above, so are you ready for the answer?  The surgeon is a woman. She is the boy’s mother.  Many people automatically think that maybe the son had a step-father or was raised by two men, but it’s showing a common stereotype, and to Matt Glowski when you recognize this you are becoming more diverse.  This is a lecturer that is worth looking into if you want someone who can keep your attention through an inspirational story and make you think about disabilities and diversity in a while new light.


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