What do we want?? Excellence!!

Today we started off the day bright and early with an amazing Excellent in Programming Presentation. Lisa and I have been working very hard, as well as getting feedback from other members continuously to present the best of our committee. We cannot wait until Saturday night to find out the results!!

Immediately after this, Sam, Jason, Joanne and I attended an Ed Session on “Connecting Student Activities with Diversity Offices.” This session was very interactive and a sort of roundtable discussion. We all discussed how we ‘co-sponsor’ or work with different groups, what challenges we may have, and how other schools may counteract those challenges. One school actually just started out having staff meetings with all of the big organizations on campus to discuss events and how to create the best programs and experience for the students. Another group had a great insight on co-sponsorship and how it brings other groups that may not have gone to that event originally. We ‘merge’ groups of people together, bringing new people and more attendance to our events!!!!!!!


This showcase was MC’d by a group called “The Sonos.” They are an a cappella group that really shined in beatboxing. They sang a lot of their own songs, which was difficult for the audience to ‘get into,’ and interact with them, but it was easy to appreciate the talent and harmony of the 5 people on stage. For the price listed in the NACA book and the amount of attendees that may turn out, this event may not be ideal for BSU; looking at the price per person index.

Something that has become increasingly popular with our generation and especially on our campus, is country music. Katie Arminger is a great, upcoming peformer that specializes in country with a Katy Perry type. Katie has a very good stage presence and she really loves being on stage and interacting with the audience. This act could be versatile for the campus, and is relative for a performer!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFLlw1kPQqEKatie Arminger

Josh Rabinowitz is a stand-up comedian from Philadelphia. He had great material for a college campus! He talked about smoking and if you put helium in cigarettes how everyone would have high voices all the time (I just thought this would be hilarious). He also talked a lot about orientation and the first impressions you make at orientation. He may be a very good to bring during welcome week for this aspect and his pricing is very good.

Gabriela Garcia Medina is a spoken word artist and had material that appealed to the whole audience. She was not only a feminist, or an activist; she is versatile and could appeal to many different groups of students. She has a self-empowered poem and discusses how people should not find someone to ‘complete’ them, but be complete by themselves. We could possibly co-sponsor with the Seeds of Poetry.

M.Dickson is a NY based comedian and has a sarcastic sense of humor and comedy. She discusses current events such as politics and the economy, but in a funny manor that campuses can relate to. As many comedians, she feeds off of the reactions of the audience and you can truly see that in her act. This would be an excellent comedian at a very affordable price!!

Keeping the comedian pattern going, we had Geoff Keith who is a stand-up from Los Angeles, CA. Geoff has been featured on ‘Disaster Date,’ and was named one of Campus Activities Magazine’s “Hot Comics of 2011.” Being a younger comedian and having been featured on these MTV  shows, the audience was really able to relate to the material that Geoff had. He discussed some of his dates and experiences he had had on the show and some ‘real-life disaster dates.’ This comedian would be very appealing to an audience of BSU students.


I am so excited to present an Ed Session with Kathryn tomorrow morning J Then a busy day ahead of us before the closing dinner and awards!!!! J Heading to bed to get some rest!


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