School Swap is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. All of the schools get together to share their different marketing ideas such as frisbees, cups, bags etc and t-shirts. Then, they barter with each other to get new and unique things. They also must decorate their table according to a theme that is supplied by NACA.

The theme this year was the Original Social Network. Each school is provided with a 6 foot table and a bulliten board to go behind it to decorate. BSU used the theme in a few unique ways. The board contained a time line of Bristaco using social networking such as e-mail, facebook and twitter and used the top half of the NACA logo for it’s base. The top of the table had a mailbox with programming and marketing tips for other schools to take and an iPad with an e-mail from Bristaco. The bottom/front of the table had the bottom half of the NACA logo to tie everything together and had 4 pictures of the organizations that were representing BSU, all connected by cups with a string to symbolize communication. Each organizations hashtag for twitter was also on there.

My personal experience with school swap was incredible. It was amazing seeing all of the school spirit that everyone had and how many new and unique marketing ideas that we saw. It was really awesome getting to barter with other schools for things that I was interested in to see what their “price” was. I loved all of the running around and the cheering. But most of all, I loved that whenever someone saw my shirt, they responded with “YOU’RE FROM BRIDGEWATER?! YOU GUYS HAVE THE BEST SHIRTS! CAN YOU HOOK ME UP WITH ONE OF THOSE BATMAN ONES?!” It was kind of like being a celebrity for a second! It was an absolutely amazing experience and I’m so glad that I got to be a part of it.


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