NACA Day one and two!

Hey y’all!

NACA has been so crazy lately!  Yesterday was so fun to get back into the swing of things and get back to Hartford CT. The showcases yesterday were awesome. I really enjoyed Scott Wesley, Kevin Daniel, Julia Sinclair, and Matt Beilis.  They were all singer/songwriters and everyone should definitely check them out.

At dinner we had Shimshi for a magician.  He was actually pretty good, and a great choice of entertainment at the dinner. Matt Miller had his 15 minutes of fame when he got called up on stage and got to help with the tricks.

The second showcase consisted of Kurt Scobie who was SO good. He had a contest of a bunch of melodies played together for the audience to remember and write down for later to win a prize. We also saw Mayhem Poets which, in my opinion, would be perfect for “The Seeds of Poetry” They were awesome and would be great at BSU. Dana Alexandra was a great singer, and she was so adorable. I think she would be such a great new look to BSU and a different type of coffeehouse.

This morning, Friday, I presented for Excellence In Programming with KT. We KILLED it, and I really hope that we do well. Fingers crossed. The next session was an ED session with Mayor Mason, which was about bringing healthy food for programs, and doing wellness programs in the schools. She gave us ideas about smoothies, food, hiking programs, zumba, yoga, and other activities.  AWESOME. I think this could be another awesome chair for PC to have on E-board….titles for everyone!

The next showcase was for lectures. The ones that I really loved were David Coleman, Rob Smith, Zach Wahls, and Matt Glowacki. I highly suggest that each organization check them out and think of bringing them to BSU.

Josh Rabinowitz was awesome at the next showcase, he did comedy and was pretty funny.  Another great act was Gabriela Garcia Medina who was a spoken word artist…..awesome, so inspiration, and great things to take away from the act, loved her and would love to see her at BSU.

The last showcase was with Troubled Annie, a country-ish duo, and We Shot the Moon an awesome group who we ALL would love to see come to Springfest.

School swap was last… set up was awesome, and I loved volunteering for it with Nicole and Brooke! We then went and traded all our awesome stuff for other school’s stuff and had a blast bargaining for it!


So far NACA has been amazing, and Im a little bummbed that tomorrow is the last night…but we find out if we win Excellence In Programming!



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