Naca, Day on Spotlight 1

So, this being my first spotlight, I wasn’t entirely surer what to expect. I had heard the spotlights are crazy and fun, but on top of the normal… as far as normal can get for NACA that is, this year we had the extra craziness of the Flash Mob. Man oh man the energy of that many student leaders and pumped up professional staff, things were crazy! I am by no means a good dance but I have never had that much fun dancing around and being goofy. The experience was something I will never forget.
After the Flash Mob the actual spotlight began.

Derek Hughes, booth 102, was the MC of the night and the opening act. He was absolutely hysterical. He had a fantastic way of engaging the audience and flowing between his performance and the next performer effortlessly. His “Shadow of Mystery” held the crowds attention throughout the show and I think he was one of the best magicians I’ve seen so far, simply by his ability to maintain the audience’s attention and get them involved. At times I wasn’t entirely sure whether he was a comedian or a magician and I don’t know which he was better at. He had me laughing he entire show and his tricks were simply amazing.
Amy Anderson, booth 401, came on second. After my experience with live programming last year I have to admit I wish I knew of her last year. From my experience, and Im not trying to be sexiest by any means, but female comedians get a bad rep and tend to be more difficult to market, but Amy was incredible. Her stories were hilarious and her transition between jokes was flawless. She maintained the audiences attention the entire show and was simply a great performer. She also recommends following her on twitter at @theamyanderson.
Kurt Scobie followed Amy and was truly an incredible musician. His passion for music was evident in his energy and incredible lyrics. His strong voice would easily fill a large event and I could also see him performing in a smaller event. He performed a fun mix of covers, which I’m always nervous about but his were amazing, and original songs. I would love to see him come to Bridgewater.
The Maham poets put on a unique act, tackling big issues with fast pace poetry and high energy wordplay. At the opening of their act I was a bit skeptical that they would do well in the long run of the act but I was incredibly surprised with just how good of a show they were able to put on. They were able to add a unique twist and style to poetry that I could easily see being a great act at any campus event. From being an English major I did not know poetry could be this much fun, it was a pleasant surprise.
Dana Alexandra was after the Poets and was another great performer. I see her doing great for coffee house style events. She had great original songs and she did great covers. She interacted with the audience well and was a ton of fun to watch on stage.
KT Tatara was the next comedian. He was hysterical and told a variety of fun and interesting stories. He keep the audience engaged and laughing.
The last performer was the Brian Jarvis band. They were really good. Their lyrics were awesome and had great sound. They also played a variety of music so I was impressed with their versatility.
All in all Naca assembled a great variety of impressive talent and if the rest of the showcases are this good then its going to be extremely difficult to pick out favorites among all the incredible talent. One of the most impressive things about this first spotlight is the pure number of quality artists. NACA is clearly delivering an impressive number of great quality performers and I cant wait to see what else they have in store for us.


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