Naca: day 2

Today, I went to two educational sessions: 1. Hit the Streets: Using Creative Publicity and a Street Team to Promote Campus Events– went over how to have a street team. These presenters talked about how they take it to the streets when advertising. Many great ideas were shared in the groups like dorm storms, raps, flash dances, and commercials. I really like the idea of commercials and can see a use for SGA. The presenters showed us a great commercial that they made to the Fresh Prince of Bel-air theme song. I also like the flash dance ideas. NACA was the first time I really heard of flash dances and I love the idea. How cool would a flash dance on campus be? During this ed session we broke into groups and discussed using other members strengths to enhance our group’s promoting. 2.Getting Your Dysfunctional Group to Function as a Group- was about handling conflict in a group . I think that this is a topic that every group can learn from. One god piece of advice Is hat conflict helps for group grow. I never thought of conflict that way. To have a group which communication is helpful and flowing then groups need to have trust. You must be willing to admit your mistake and be willing to be vulnerable to hearing what other have to say about you. Another aspect of this is to be willing to call out those who have higher positions. I fel like groups need to be comfortable enough together to have open conversation about the group and what is not working correctly. Another lesson in this ed session was that most conflict is created because we assume that others are not doing what they were suppose to instead of that they do not have the tools to do the job. It is important to give students all the tools that they need to do the job. School swap was so much fun. Running around like crazy, trading things was defiantly a great experience. So much energy was in the room!


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