Events 101: The Roots and Wings of Successful Events

This was a good ed session. It was put on by JWU and I thought it was pretty interesting. I learned a few fun facts like that the first recorded planned eventwent in history was probably the Olympics. I also learned that Disneyland held the first special event which was the Electric Light Parade in the 1960’s.
The speaker’s name was Liz Corino and she taught us the 4 purposes of events. 1. Celebration 2. Reunion 3. Marketing and 4. Education. Celebration is always a good reason for an event, such as a birthday or winning a football game. Reunion is a good reason for an event such as Homecoming. Marketing events are a great way to let people know about other events and thinking out of the box. Finally, education is a good reason for an event such as Relay For Life or Awareness Days.
The overall goal of an event is to impact people. You want people to have a distinct memory tied to your event so before if begins, make sure you walk through and see if all of your senses have been affected. Smell is the most powerful one tied to memory.
I think this session will be really beneficial to future events.


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