Ed Sessions 2 & 3: Roots and Wings of Successful Events; and Celebrating the Human Experience

This Ed Session described methods and aspects to follow to make an event successful. The session started when we learned that the Olympics was the first big planned event in History. We also learned that the first “Special Events” planner was Robert Janis, who worked for Walt Disney at Disneyworld. Janis is responsible for the Electric Light Parade and other night events in Disneyworld. He did this to give people an incentive to stay at the par for longer periods of time. After learning a short history of Event Planning, we learned about the four purposes of an event, which are: Celebrator, reunion, marketing, and education. We also learned about the Event Planning Cycle, which looked lie this: Research–>Design–>Planning–>Coordinating–>Evaluating–> The back to the beginning. Although these aspects are important, the most important part of an event is realizing exactly what the reason is for having the event. Once this is realized then a planner can go through the SWOT analysis, which assesses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of an event. This way, a planner can be prepared for the day of an event.

This session was very informative about taking precautions with events and being very prepared. I also especially liked how it described how a planner should really think about why they are putting on a certain event. It’s honestly something that I forget sometimes. This session definitely taught me about being a little bit more prepared for my events!

Ed Session 3: Celebrating the Human Experience: Creating Successful Diversity and Cultural Events

This ED Session described helpful instructions about how to make a cultural event successful. According to the session, a cultural event should be exciting and inviting while being informative, without being boring. We also were given the opportunity to break up into groups to plan our own cultural event. We discussed some events that went well in our schools and we also discussed some ways that each of us market for these kinds of events.

Overall, the session was very interesting and also inviting. I learned a lot more from other students than I ever thought I would. It was great to see different perspectives!


One thought on “Ed Sessions 2 & 3: Roots and Wings of Successful Events; and Celebrating the Human Experience

  1. you should pass along the notes from your cultural session to Danica! It would be really helpful to see what other schools are doing and how to make the event more authentic!

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