day 2 at naca

so once again a great day of awesome performers. The ed sessions i went to we somewhat intellectually stimulating. The first of the two i attended was entitled “More than Quiet and Loud: Defining, working with, and programming for introverts and extroverts”. The session went over definitions of introverts and extroverts and basically how they operate. I found it interesting that my initial definition of introverts and extroverts was wrong. It has to do with how a person becomes energized as well as how they process information. Extroverts are not simply loud and outgoing. They become energized when they are around other people and they process information out loud. They work best in groups. Introverts are not simply soft spoken, they really just draw their energy from taking time to themselves and prefer to process things alone. I also learned that extroverts typically enjoy programs that are interactive while introverts prefer programs that don’t put people on the spot. Finally i learned that extroverts tend to think out loud. they work best by saying what they’re thinking and talking it out with others while introverts are more of perfectionists. Introverts will think about, process, and prepare information more thoroughly. in meeting settings extroverts will often become frustrated with introverts because they think they are not contributing when in reality they are just quietly processing the information. on the other hand introverts will get easily frustrated with extroverts for becoming side-tracked and proposing unrealistic ideas that pop into their heads. meeting will become more productive when these two different mind types learn how to understand each other better.

The 3rd block ed session i attended was called: “When Good Events Go Bad: Managing Crises with Poise and Positive Results”. The session went over how to prevent crises in event planning, how to deal with these crises if/when they happen, and how to carry on with the events. Overall i was a bit more disappointed with this session in comparison to the others. i felt that much time was wasted and the only real information that could be drawn from the session was located on 3 slides in a power point presentation. the information was mainly tips for dealing with crises. some tips on preventing crises from occurring during an event include: advanced planning, back up plans, expecting the unexpected, know your options, and have resources available to you. some tips on how to deal with crises when they happen are: don’t panic, determine who needs to be informed and updated on the crises and follow through with that, divide up tasks, communicate clearly, develop a plan and present it to others, know when to move on (when to call it quits on the event). This was really all i got out of the session. another fun day at naca, sad tomorrow is the last day!!!


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