Programs Gone Wild!!!

This Ed session was my first NACA session. The creativity activities that we did in this session were a blast. I would defiantly bring them home and do them with SGA! So fun!
Programs Gone Wild was put on by three students at Western New England college. They talked about ways to solve problems when they arrive. I liked that they asked us for examples and used problems that the audience had experienced in their program. The presenters gave us a great tool to solve problems. GIODA (Goals, Information, Options, Analysis, Decision, and Act) is the acronym that they gave us to solve problems.  For Goals, the group has to decide what their group’s goals are and what the goals of the event are. Information is what it sounds like, gather all information possible and make sure that it is accurate. Options consist of listing all possible options that the group has and then analyze the options. Analyze is where the group considers both the positive and negative aspects of each options.

Some important things were to stay calm and stick to your decision. Deciding and acting are important. The group needs to decide on an option and stick with it. The whole group needs to be behind the acting. We also got a chart from the presenters on how we should we should go about making a decision.  I had a blast at this ed session.


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