The first picture is of 3 guys that form the band Scott Wesley. They were awesome and covered artists such as Backstreet Boys, Sublime, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ke$ha and The Beatles. I would love to see them at BSU.

The second picture is of our advisor, Matt Miller helping the Welcome Dinner magician, Shimshi get ready to perform his trick. Shimshi was very entertaining and has been in shows in Vegas and on Ellen.

The third picture is of me making friends with another delegation! Her name was Erin and she was from the Framingham State University delegation.

The fourth picture is of the MC for the Spotlight showcase Derek Hughes. He is both  comedian ad a magician. He had the whole audience laughing and I can’t wait to propose him to come to BSU next year. He was AWESOME!

The fifth picture is of Mayhem Poets. They were a really unique rap group that performed raps and poems about things such as Dr. Seuss and respecting women. I think they’d be a great group to bring to campus because there are a lot of co-sponsorship options.


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