NACABC’s: Learning about NACA

Hello Everyone! Its Chris from Residence Hall Association. The people teaching the ed session “NACABC’s” gave us a guidebook to NACA terminology. I learned many new things about NACA including:

  • Showcase etiquette.
  • CAMP is the marketplace that is the most interactive place here at NACA. Many different people doing novelties will be there and people from showcases will be there.
  • Biggest thing here is about blockbooking. Blockbooking makes it cheaper for colleges to hire acts for their campus with other close campuses. This saves money and connects different schools in the area.
  • Blockbooking can happen for 45 days to get the awesome pricing that is listed.
  • Know the limitations. You can always tell the associated: GET BACK IN YOUR BOOTH!
  • Many performers may not showcase but they will be in camp for booking. Even though they aren’t there, doesn’t mean they aren’t as good ir even better than bands that played at the showcase.
  • New this year: anyone can go through school swap for the first 10 to 15 minutes to talk yo all the schools. Then only schools who have booths can swap after.
  • Remember to stay hydrated!

Although what I learned probably won’t be beneficial to many people back at RHA, it definitely helped me out with the many acronyms I came across today and everything that is happening this weekend. Can’t wait to see what is in store for me the next couple of days.


One thought on “NACABC’s: Learning about NACA

  1. This was a really helpful post! Now students here know the layout of NACA and I didnt know blockbooking prices lasted 45 days! Thanks Chris!

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