NACA Day 1!!

NACA IS HERE! Best Day ever! So today was awesome as we got to see a showcase sampler, spotlight, Campus Market Place, and we had our first educational session. I went to “Recruitment: The Original Friend Request”. This was a neat ed. Session to attend because it was being presented by two students that I met last year at NACA. The session was interesting as it focused on member recruitment as well as retention. I found it helpful through the discussions they had because it made me realize that while we do a lot of what they said I don’t think we do it enough or as often. The big idea I came out of the session with was the idea of branding. Branding makes you stand out from other clubs and helps students and faculty recognize events as being your organizations events. This means you promote yourself by wearing your organizations shirts to your events. Have an information table about your organization at each event. Tell your attendees who the event was put on by and most importantly I think for Program Committee is that we need to start letting people know who put on the events and which sub-committee put the event on. People go to events because it’s what interests them, and if they interested in that event then they are most likely to be interested in the sub-committee which makes it a great place to start recruitment. I also like that they said to set up information tables just about the committee throughout the year. We do this at the beginning of each semester, but students are looking to get involved throughout the year. This made me realize that we also need to have more information at the events and at the informational tables for the events about PC. We don’t really tell anyone who we are other then we’re Program Committee, but if we don’t tell them who we are and what we do other than that one event they may not find their niche. I believe the best part about this ed. Session is that it really made you think about the potential your committee has at improving their recruitment strategies and what you can do to really push for more and higher retention.


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